„About the space-time generated by electromagnetic field.

by Francisco Sánchez Martín

Copyright: General Registry of Intellectual Property; Dossier 09-RTPI-04002.8/2022 ; May 26 2022; application M-003618/2022; ref. 09/057595.4/22


We throw a new light on the basic principles of the Theory of Relativity. The structure of the vectorial lorentzian space-time, that is,
its signature (-1,1,1,1), and the c factor (velocity of light) are deduced from the skew-symmetric features of electromagnetic tensorial fields.
In general, the space is endowed of a metric, but without thinking of the signature of this metric. In short, we attain the next outcomes:
The electro-magnetic field generates his own minkowskian space-time namely the Lorentz 4 dimensions vectorial space.

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