Canonical Forms of Self-adjoint Operators and Associated Stress-Energy Tensors.
by Francisco Sánchez Martín;  October 15, 2006

Original copyright   General Register of Intellectual Property;  16 / 2008 / 10057 Madrid ( Spain) November 7th 2008;

An analysis of selfadjoint operators is presented in the frame of lorentzian space-time of dimension 4, L4 with signature (-1,1,1,1). The type of canon ical operators and stress-energy tensor associated are deduced for L4. This analysis is aimed to the physical interpretation of results gotten in classi cation of stress-energy tensor associated. The classi cation implemented is not thorough. It is mainly devoted to analysis and study of most important stress energy tensors, treating them going into importantdetails. Results agree classic. Classification presented by Hall G S [1] and others is reinterpreted. It is found out (in stress-energy tensor type 2, associated to radical space with index 2) that a flux (by example caloric flow) inherent to a reference system at rest, involves a term similar to radiation scheme too. The caloric flux must be in the stress-energy scheme type 2.
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