Comment    2.

 December 14th 2015 

Comment about this new webside

After some inactif months the format  of this webside pages has been changed. I have intendeded  to simplify the former  web pages.

Here  a new on line paper has been added:

Structures of the Skew-adjoint Endomorphisms and Some Peculiarities of Electromagnetic Field.

This article improves and elarges the article issued in the former web pageClassification and Structure of Skewadjoint

Endomorphisms. Application to Electromagnetic Field. Some inccuracies and vaguenes  were surmounted. It is not shown

in this web page, ( as it was relevant ) however it is kept within reach when requered.

An english version of other article Canonical Forms of Self-adjoint Operators and Associated Stress-Energy Tensors , shown

originaly ( in spansh) in the former web page, arises here as well.